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My Garden Book October 3, 2008

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Every gardener needs a gardening notebook. A place to make plans and record successes and failures so that each year can build on the last.

I also want a place to keep links of resources and musings.

And I know myself well enough to know that if I start a paper and pen notebook, I will abandon it or lose it within a month.

So this will be my place to plan and dream and, I hope, show what has happened. When things do start to happen.

What I have is a tiny, water-logged, mosquito-infected back yard, a shovel, a fork, and four children too small to be of any help. What I want is a place of beauty and discovery, somewhere that my children can play and work and watch the cycles of life and where we can grow our own food and eat it straight from the ground. It’ll have to happen with practically no budget, with the resources I can scrounge in my neighborhood and with the energy I have in my own two hands between diaper changes.


One Response to “My Garden Book”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Well, it’s definitely a worthy goal and I look forward to following your progress and seeing what great things you come up with (with all that extra enthusiasm for projects that you have laying around).

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