Silver Bells and Cockleshells

real live gardening and the nursery-rhyme set

Food, not Lawns October 9, 2008

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Gardening makes strange bedfellows. I doubt the author of this book and I would get along in real life; I would not agree with her on most major and minor points of philosophy, lifestyle or ethics. (Swiping stuff out of the Goodwill bin? I don’t think so.)

But we do agree that a bunch of unrelieved grass is a terrible waste of dirt. And I’m getting a lot of good ideas from her book on how to make use of what I have or can obtain for nothing. (Even without invading the Goodwill bin.)

One is working out a deliberate network of raised beds and trenches to trap water; a great idea for my seasonally water-logged back yard. Another is how to make good use of cardboard and other garbage for mulch and planting materials. And how to look at different plants for different purposes.

Morning glories are the bane of my existence; they grow all over all the other plants every time my back is turned. Somehow they’re just not as charming in real life as they are when Dean Martin sings about them. But this book has given me a new perspective; they’re not an obnoxious weed, they’re a self-replenishing supply of compost! Suddenly weeding just became double-duty as I dump the trimmings on my new raised bed and look forward to another crop.


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