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Seed List January 2, 2009

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What I want to get, pending finding out what varieties work best in Ohio:

Item Options Quantity Remove Amount
Bull Blood Beet Seed Packet
Item # 524
$2.50 USD
Mesclun Mix Lettuce Seed Packet
Item # 658
$2.50 USD
Butter and Sugar Corn Seed Packet
Item # 225
$2.50 USD
Purple Haze Carrot Seed Packet
Item # 4060
$2.50 USD
Hales Best Jumbo Melon Seed Packet
Item # 276
$2.50 USD
Little Marvel Peas Seed Packet
Item # 573
$2.50 USD
Rainbow Swiss Chard Seed Packet
Item # 1247
$2.50 USD
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach Seed Packet
Item # 591
$2.50 USD
Fevefew Seed Packet
Item # 171
$2.50 USD
He Shi Ko Onion Seed Packet
Item # 3452
$2.50 USD
Royal Burgundy Bean Seed Packet
Item # 4051
$2.50 USD
Subtotal: $27.50 USD

Some other possibilities: What about parsley and basil? The cilantro self-seeded pretty well last year (although this year I want to transplant seedlings to a more promising location), but I’m not sure the parsley will survive and I had no basil at all.


One Response to “Seed List”

  1. Bettie Says:

    Now that is an ambitious list and yet you can always give away the extras. I heard of someone who always gave away the first fruits to friends. I’m considering do just that with my garden harvest.

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