Silver Bells and Cockleshells

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Spring Progress March 31, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — carrotqueen @ 2:34 pm

I’ve tried planting: spinach, mesculun mix, peas, and onions. So far I’m not sure anything is up, except possibly the mesculun mix, but since I don’t know what it looks like I can’t be sure.

I’m afraid the ground is too wet. Or maybe it’s too cold. The raised beds are helping, but there’s standing water between them and the soil on top is still very heavy. Also there’s nowhere for me to stand while I work on the beds, unless I want to stand in three inches of ice-cold water.

Also, I really need to find a way to mark where I’ve planted.

So things aren’t going to well so far, but it IS only March. On the plus side, I think the garlic in the front flower bed is up and looking great.


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