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Looking Up April 15, 2009

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Some of the peas did survive, at least! Also I’m pretty sure some of the greens out there are from the mesculun mix. Not sure yet if there are any spinach or onions. Still, not bad for how early and how wet. I think I’ll try to plant some more of all of the above this week, as we are to be warm and sunny and I don’t see any frost now through the end of April.

I planted out most of the flowers that were started in trays. Milk jugs made the best trays; they have sturdier plastic than the cheesecake take-out trays. Which is good, because we go through a lot more milk than cheesecake. (Even when we eat cheesecake!) I also yanked out a lot of the weed-morning glories (and planted some what I hope will be non-weed morning glories.) I hope some of them live even if I never get around to watering them (everything is plenty wet now). I never give much attention to the front flowerbed, but it’s got a good stock of bulbs and a few perennials and if I could add some self-seeding annuals and get rid of the morning glories it should take care of itself.

I also put out some pumpkins I tried starting early. If they don’t make it I have lots more seeds I saved.

The kids picked violets and dandelions until their hands got too cold. It was a good morning.


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