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Tomatoes May 12, 2009

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I wasn’t planning to plant tomatoes quite yet (ok, I actually hadn’t yet figured out when or how I was going to do it), but on the way home from visiting DOB’s parents for Mother’s Day we passed a road-side stand with young plants. At 4 for $1.50, I decided I should just go ahead and get them while I could.

Yesterday we put them in the ground. (I say *we* broadly as the children basically stood around, played in the mud, and then complained about being muddy.) I allocated them two or three to a cage, since I only have six cages. I used an organic fertilizer to mix into the holes (This is the first year I’ve done that, so we’ll see how much that helps). Then I put a cardboard collar (cut from an orange box with holes ready-made) around each little tomato and planted it in the ground.

Once I’d put the cages in the ground between the plants, I layered pieces of cardboard box over the entire bed. The hose snaked through, and I poked holes in suitable spots to water the plants.

Today I put some rotting dead ornamental grass on top of the cardboard. The whole process took about an hour for sixteen plants, but I should have pretty minimal work to keep them maintained the rest of the summer. We’ll see how they grow.


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