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Garden Update June 18, 2009

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I alternate between being very glad I put a garden in this year and thinking it must have been the craziest idea I ever had. Caring for it goes like this: Yank a weed. Pull a baby off the steps. Yank another weed. Get a baby away from the gas can (we don’t have a garage or shed, so everything’s lying out there). Yank another weed. Retrieve a baby from heading down the driveway.

Well, maybe it will help me lose that twin weight.

Anyway, at least I’m finding out what works well. The greens are doing well, except the ones that hit too early or too wet of a planting time. It’s been a wet, wet spring and there is standing water between the beds after every rain storm (which is pretty much every other day). The peas are finally producing, but not very many. I’m going to have to plant a lot more to have enough to make a dish, and I’m going to have to have a better way to support them than a pile of dead branches.

The corn was not such a good idea; perhaps it was too wet but only a little of it came up. I tried planting beans and squash around it today, which is late but I hope not too late (the beans are only a 55-day crop).

The tomatoes are doing well. The cardboard mulch is wonderful; I’ve hardly had to weed them at all. The first fruit is setting. Some of them look a bit sickly, but I hope some more fertilizer will help with that. They’re probably also a bit too damp.

The carrots and beets are few in number, but growing well. The cucumber plants are starting to look like cucumber plants, but that’s about as far as they’ve gotten.

Really, it’s a tiny, tiny garden. I’m going to have to prioritize next year to only the highest-efficiency crops, which will probably be greens, tomatoes, and herbs. Maybe one vining crop (peas or beans) for fun for the kids if I get some good supports and can make tents or something like that.

I also need to work on raising my beds even more. It is wet, wet soil. In spots the clay is so heavy I can’t even poke seeds in with my fingers.

We saw a beautiful little bug out on the lettuce this morning–striped red and electric blue. I’ve never seen anything like it.


One Response to “Garden Update”

  1. too much weed yanking! lol we’ve had our fair share too. i was just reading in a permie bok about certain weeds actually being beneficial to the garden and other ground covers that benefit vegetables but smother weeds. or something like that. seeing as how i can’t remember any details, i’m obviously little help to you. but i sympathize!


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